Handmade Montecristi Single Woven Grade 1 Havana Panama Hat

Montecristi Single Woven Grade 1 Havana Panama Hat
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  • Grade: Montecristi Single Woven Grade 1
  • Model: Havana
  • Hat Size: 22 3/4" / 58cm / 7 1/4
  • Brim Size: 8.30cm / 3.27in

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Wow, who would have thought this hat was possible? I know I sure didn't, but here it is- a copy of what Cuenca has been doing for years, a faster produced lighter weight brisa weave, but in the durable Montecristi straw! It's a NEW hat weave so encourage these weavers to continue by purchasing this new weave style!

It is a very durable hat unlike the Cuenca version of it! This hat did not go through the harsh chemical treatment that a Cuenca hat would always go through. The straw is also tougher and nice to work with when shaping. We're offering all the best things we normally offer in a Montecristi hat, like leather sweat bands, inner liners or sweat protectors (optional) or pinch protectors to further increase the life expectancy of this hat. Let's keep them weaving more!

Similar to a Cuenca single woven but much more durable.

This Havana Panama hat has the classic C crown style, known also as a Fedora C crown or teardrop crown, and blocked in standard oval.

The standard crown height of this Havana model is 3.9" - 4.1" measuring from the brim to the top point of the crown in the front of the hat. The back of the crown is a little lower then the front giving this hat a leveler appearance from a side profile, the back measures between 3.7" - 3.9" and 4.3" - 4.4" on the side of the hat.

Snap brim on the front causing the brim to tip downward slightly and upward in the back just a little.

Serious Sun Protection: Larger brims tend to start looking more western, which is great for Texas! Or a Texan at heart! Snap brim on the front causing the brim to tip downward slightly. With the weight of this long brim it will want to tip down in the back as well and be just a little floppy in the wind. If you add a curl to the edge it will hold its shape much better. Even if it is just a small curled edge, it will give it much more rigidness.

Brim size is a hard thing to recommend because many factors play a part in your selection, such as where you live and the culture, in addition to your personal preferences. I would say this brim will be about as good as it gets for protection from the sun. Larger brims many not offer more protection since the shade that this brim casts is already pretty much 100% coverage .

Serious Sun Protection and Serious Style! Larger Than Standard Brims: There is a small charge on larger than standard brims. This is due to the time it takes the weaver to extend the brim and he will ask a bit more for his work. (price difference is already reflected in the price shown)

Each Panama hat comes with one hat band of your choice, but you may want to include a few extra hat bands- a quick way to change the personality of your Panama hat!

Each and every Panama hat we sell is handmade right here in Ecuador, so no two hats are exactly alike.

DID YOU KNOW? You can custom design a hat exactly to your specifications! Click Here

1. Print our measuring tape to ensure an accurate measurement.

2. Wrap the measuring tape around the widest part of your head being sure the tape falls above your ears and the ridge of your eyebrows.

3. Using your measurements, you can view our current stock of all Panama hats for your size.

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